Are you a first-time visitor on this website? I’m sure you might be curious about the person behind it.

Below are 21 random but interesting facts about Smart Okpi:

  1. My name is Dr. Smart Okpi.
  2. I’m a Nigerian and I live in Abuja City
  3. I was born in 1987.
  4. I’m a qualified veterinary doctor turned computer programmer.
  5. Designed my first website in 2005.
  6. Started developing websites and web applications professionally in 2006.
  7. I have designed 400+ websites.
  8. I’m also an SEO expert.
  9. Graduated from the University of Abuja in 2014.
  10. I’m the lead instructor here at Web Tutorial.
  11. I read an average of 1-2 books per week.
  12. I’m also the CEO of E-Brand Promotion.
  13. I have built more than 10 online businesses.
  14. Love writing. I wrote a novel when I was 13.
  15. Teaching newbie web developers has become a passion for me.
  16. Learned to design websites and applications on my own. Nobody taught me.
  17. Work an average of 85 hours per week.
  18. I love to socialize once in a while.
  19. I’m a Christian.
  20. Married with a kid.
  21. I’m neither an introvert nor an extrovert. Just in between.

Wondering what I look like physically?

Yep! that’s me below.

Smart Okpi

If you have any inquiry, send me an email via I’m always available except on Sundays.