FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: How to Create a Beautiful Free Website Quickly

Are you a small business owner in need of a website?

I mean a professionally created world-class website that will make your competitors green with envy. A website that can help open up your business to the rest of the world, reaching millions of people, pulling in more sales and giving your business the popularity it deserves.

Yet, you are aware that hiring a decent web developer to create such a website will cost thousands – which you don’t have.

Well, what if I told you that I could show you how to create such a standard website for your business, all by yourself, within the next 60 minutes. Would you be interested?

And the best part of it?

I’m going to show you how to create such a website for free. Yes, you heard right. You wouldn’t have to spend even a dime!

And all it will take you is less than 60 minutes!


WIX is a free website builder which you can use to create your own website absolutely free. You don’t even need any previous knowledge of web design. It’s all drag and drop. No headaches.

In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you step by step on how to use WIX to create a standard world class website within just 60 minutes.

So, let’s get started!

Start Building your website

Step 1:

Visit WIX WEBSITE (link opens in a new tab)

When you click on WIX WEBSITE above, you will be redirected to the wix homepage.

Here, you will then click the “START MY WEBSITE” button.


There are 3 ways of registering on WIX as shown below

  1. Using your email and password.
  2. With your facebook account.
  3. With google account.

To sign up with Facebook or Google, all it takes is just a click of either buttons marked 2 or 3 below. You will be requested to login to either accounts to prove ownership.

create free website on WIX


Step 2:

After successful sign up, you will be redirected to the page where you can start the website building process. Just click the “CREATE YOUR WEBSITE” button as shown in fig 3.

use WIX to create free website


Step 3:

You will then be requested to select what type of website you want to create. Please ensure that you select the appropriate type because it will greatly influence your site’s frontend design. See what the page will look like below;

Free website design

Fig. 4

Step 4

After clicking on the type of website you want, you will be taken to fig. 5 below where you will have to select how you want to create your website. As a beginner, I’d advise you select WIX ADI.

WIX free website


In WIX, there are two ways of creating a website;

  1. Using WIX ADI (advanced Artificial Design Intelligence): With this option, the system will design the entire website for you automatically. It uses artificial intelligence to create pages, sections, menus etc that matches the type of website you selected. If you select a travel agency website, it will create pages that are peculiar to travel and tour industry e.g. travel booking page, travel resource pages etc. It will also write the content for you. Although it is always advisable to remove this generic texts and add a write up that is unique to your business.
  2. Using WIX Editor: If you select this option, you will have to create the website pages yourself – either from scratch or using a template. This method is also easy. It’s just drag and drop. All the features are already available.

**HINT** If you select WIX ADI at this point, you can always switch back to WIX Editor. But, if you select WIX Editor, you cannot switch back to ADI.

Step 5

After selecting WIX ADI, you will be asked to select the type of business you want to create a website for. Simply enter your business category.

You have already been given some options. Look at Fig.6 below to see what the page will look like. You may also choose to skip this step (but this is not advisable).

After entering your business type above, click NEXT

free website design on Wix


Step 6

Next, check the corresponding box to select the features you need for your website as shown in fig.7 below.

Also note that at this point, you can go back and edit previous entries.

After your selections, click NEXT.

Wix free website


Step 7

Enter your business name as shown in fig. 8 below. It will serve as your website title. However, note that this is important because it has SEO value (i.e. it is one of the important factors Search engines like Google/bing will use to rank your website. Also, it is what people will see when they search for your website on google or bing). In addition, the WIX ADI will use it to search if your company exists in public directories such as Google business directory.

Click NEXT when you are done.

enter your business name

Fig. 8

Step 8

Enter your business location (i.e. your address). Ensure you put in a correct traceable address because the WIX ADI will use this information to search online directories like Google business directory to see if it already exists. This confers extra legitimacy to your business.

Click NEXT

business location

Fig. 9

Step 9

At this point, when you click NEXT, WIX ADI will start gathering information about your business based on the information you have already supplied. You may choose to SKIP this step (but it is not advisable.)

WIX ADI information

Fig. 10

Step 10

The WIX ADI will run a search for your business name and address online to grab as much information about you as possible.

If it does not get any valid information based on the information you supplied, you will receive an error message as shown in Fig.11 below. If/when this happens, do not worry, just SKIP the step.

Wix Free website tutorial

Fig. 11

Step 11

Enter the following information;

Business Email: Ensure this is valid because the WIX ADI will use it to populate your “Contact Us” page.

Address: You can edit it  here if you like.

Phone Number: Enter a valid phone contact. It will be displayed in your contact us page.

Social Media Pages: Click on the small + icon to add a social media network (as shown below).

Fax: Add this if you have it. Or you can just leave it blank

Then click NEXT

Design free Website with Wix

Fig. 12

As soon as you click NEXT, the information loading process will begin. Please be patient. it might take up to a minute or two

wix tutorial


Step 12

Click the START button when you are redirected to the page below (Fig. 14). This may also take a while. Be patient.

free website design using WIX

Fig. 14

Step 13

You will be redirected to the page below when the installation is successfully completed. Here, you will click and select the design/template you want to use for your website.
For the purpose of this tutorial, I selected SOPHISTICATED as highlighted in Fig. 15 below.

Note that you can change this design later if you want.

Then click CONTINUE.

WIX web design templates

Fig. 15

Then you will be redirected to Fig. 16 below

WIX website design


Step 14

You will be redirected to your website homepage as soon as the installation process is completed. After that, click the small play button at the bottom-right corner as shown in fig. 17 below.

Wix free website

Fig. 17

Step 15

Now all you have to do is configure and customize your website. WIX provides simple to follow options and features you can use to configure your site. Click each of the options as shown in fig. 18 below. You can also skip any option you are not yet ready to customize.

WIX free web design tutorial

Fig. 18

You can also use the top menu options as shown in fig. 19 below to customize your website appropriately.

WIX tutorial

Fig. 19

Menu Items Description

Page: Used to add a new page and a corresponding menu to your website. As you can see in fig. 17, the new website WIX ADI just created for me has only 2 menus – HOME and BOOK ONLINE. But I’d need to add extra pages like ABOUT US, CONTACT US, SERVICES etc.

Site Design: Remember when you selected your site design in step 14 earlier? This is used to switch your site’s design to another option if you don’t like the one you selected before.

Add Section: This is used to add a new section to a web page. This is especially useful if you want to add something like testimonial or few featured products to the hompage you just created using ADI.

Manage Bookings: This is only useful if you activated the bookings feature. People who have booked online via your website can be tracked here.

Help: If you need any support while building your website, this is where you go to.

Upgrade: If you are on free version of WIX and want to upgrade to the premium version, click UPGRADE menu. There are many advantages to upgrading. I’d discuss this later in this tutorial.

Site: This option is useful if you have more than one website in you WIX account. From here (i.e. site menu) you cn switch between the different websites you have.

Preview: Used to preview what your website looks like in real life. It is visible to you – so you don’t have to worry about other people viewing your site while it is still under construction.

Publish: This used to publish your website and make it visible and accessible to the rest of the world through a url.

Step 16

Creating new pages and menu

As soon as you website is installed, the first thing to do is to create all relevant pages and menu links.

To do this,

Click on the Page link as shown in fig. 20 below, then followed by Add Page button at the bottom-left corner.

free website design lesson

Fig. 20

You will get the following pre-made page options shown below in fig. 21. The ADI has already created the pages with the content. All you need to do is just select the one you want to add. When you are done, click the small stop icon at the bottom-right corner

how to crete a web pge

Fig. 21

Step 17

How to customize sections.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to customize only the header and banner sections.

To customize a section, simply scroll to the section area (in this case, the header area) and click on it. See fig. 22 below. Edit  items like Title, contact details etc.

Wix website

Fig. 22

To add a logo picture, Click on LOGO IMAGE on the left column. You will get a pop up as shown below (fig. 23) from where you add a new logo image from your computer or select any of the samples already provided by WIX

Add a logo to WIX

Fig. 23

Customizing The Banner Section

To customize the banner section, click on the banner area and then edit. You will also get the left column from where you can edit the banner content and call-to-action button texts.

If you want to change the entire layout and design of the banner, click on the icon marked in fig. 24 below. On the left column, you will find dozens of other designs you can choose from to cusomize your website

Wix website tutorial

Fig. 24

Step 18

Publishing your website

Now it’s time to let the world see your brand new website.

To publish your website and make it accessible on the World Wide Web, simply click PUBLISH as shown in fig. 22. You will then be redirected to the page shown below in fig. 25

There are two options of publishing your website:

Option 1: If you choose this option, your website will be published for 100% FREE. However, this is not advisable if you want to use this website for any kind of serious business. It will make you appear cheap. This is because your website will be heavily branded with WIX adverts in addition to the fact that your domain name will not be unique (e.g. your domain name will appear as www.recruitmentngr.wix.xom/website)

Option 2: If you choose this option, your domain name will appear unique e.g. www.yourcompanyname.com. This makes your business appear professional. There are several other benefits to choosing option 2 like custom emails like info@yourcompanyname.com, free domain name, advert free etc. You can look up other benefits here.


Publish WIX website

Fig. 25

Note: Even if you select option 1, you can always ugrade to a premium account and link your site to a custom domain name and get all the benefits that come with it

After choosing the option you want, click PUBLISH & CONTINUE.

And your site will go LIVE immediately.

THE URL: http://recruitmentngr.wix.com/website (Notice the branding)


Website created using WIX

Fig. 26

Upgrading your website to a premium plan

If the website you just created is for personal usage, you might stick to the free version.

But, if you are going to use it to represent your business to the rest of the world, YOU MUST UPGRADE to a premium plan so as not to make your business appear cheap and unserious due to WIX branding plastered all over it.

How to upgrade your WIX website

Click here to visit WIX ACCOUNT (Click “start website –> Log in”)

Login with your username and password.

If you created account with Google or Facebook, click on either button and you will be logged in automatically.

In your account dashboard (fig. 27), you will see where you can MANAGE SITE (make future changes to your website) as well as the domain name of your newly created free website. You will also see options from where you can upgrade to a premium plan (which is the purpose of this section)

WIX website account

Fig. 27


click UPGRADE TO PREMIUM (as shown above)

You will be redirected the page below. Here you can then select which of the premium plans you want to choose. I normally advise people to choose either combo or unlimited as they offer all the value you need for a corporate website. But if you want to use it for full-time ecommerce, eCommerce plan is the obvious choice to go for.

Note: Connect Domain plan gives you a unique domain name but will still retain some WIX branding. This is not good for your business image online.

WIX free website payment plan

Fig. 28


Finally, After you select the premium plan you want, then complete your payment as shown below by selecting the appropriate subscription you want and then click the SELECT button



Wix free website

Fig. 29

Note that you can try WIX for up to 2 weeks within which you can ask for a refund.


We have been able to go from step 1 to 18 – one step at a time. And at the end of the tutorial, we were able to successfully create a website absolutely free.


if you made it this far in this tutorial, I’d say CONGRATULATIONS!


if you successfully followed me step-by-step and created your own first free website; DOUBLE CONGRATULATIONS!!

Was this tutorial useful to you? Drop your comments below and let me have your thoughts.


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